Meet Translate Now, The App That All Travelers Love

What is the one challenge all travelers have to face? Find their way around in a foreign language. If that’s true, can you really afford not to get help with that? The Translate Now app makes it easy.

Communicating with other people while traveling is an essential part of your journey. It helps you get by when you’re lost or need help in finding your hotel, and simply creates unforgettable memories and valuable experiences. However, meeting new people when you travel, may not always be easy. Even if you are not too shy and have no problem starting a conversation, there is always a language barrier that you need to overcome.

The Translate Now app offers translation in 110+ languages, which empowers you to communicate with people in any corner of the globe. It translates anything you say, hear or snap instantly and in real-time. With this superpower of translation at your fingertips, there’s nothing to stop you from exploring the world and making friends anywhere.

Quote: “Great app for traveling, especially to get in touch with locals.” 

– Ann Everdeen

What is Translate Now?

Translate Now is the #1 translator app for language learners and explorers everywhere.

The truth is – every traveler wants to speak in another language. Translate Now is changing the way travelers communicate during their journey around the world. Join 2 million travelers today!

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